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One of the joys of self-publishing a book is that the more times you read it, the more errors you spot…

I don’t take this personally! Without the polish of a professional publisher, sometimes it just happens. Also, when you’re a perfectionist like I am, these ‘errors’ can just be as simple as a comma you’d like to add for readability, or a minor change to spacing between a line of text and the bottom margin of the page.

Given this, I’ve decided to revise Watching Cartoons with Boys into a Second Edition soon. What does this mean for you? Well, until I revise Watching Cartoons with Boys you can get the First Edition (in all its imperfect glory) for 15% off! Please note: this only applies if you buy your copy online through Lulu.com using the below link, so be quick.

Click here for 15% off the First Edition of Watching Cartoons with Boys via Lulu.com



Photo by Carl Higgs

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