Animal Crossing livestream event for Melbourne Fringe Festival

On Saturday 21 November I’ll be joining the amazing Tiara via livestream on Twitch to talk about Animal Crossing as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival!


ACNH Fringe Fest is a virtual arts festival island hosted within Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH). This hit Nintendo game allows players to create, decorate and explore an island of their own design, as well as host others to play together.

Tiara (creative producer, writer, performance artist, public speaker) has created an island just for Melbourne Fringe 2020. Viewers, players, performers and artists will use this virtual space for their performances, exhibitions or shows. It has plenty of creative tools to bring art onto the island – from spoken word to graphic design and more! You don’t even need a console to join in – just follow us from any web browser or even your phone.


Animal Crossing has been a great source of comfort (and fun) for me during the Melbourne lockdown. I’ve been playing ACNH since March and even created a separate Instagram account to collect all of the memories of my island! In particular, I really adore the penguin character Wade and a lot of my posts are about the cute stuff that he does.

And thanks to the custom pattern tool, I’ve also been able to add my book Watching Cartoons with Boys into my study (see pic above!)


You can watch the promo livestreams live on Twitch or catch up later on YouTube! Also, you can book tickets and watch the Fringe Fest Gala Stream via Melbourne Fringe’s Digital platform – it’s pay what you want and all money goes towards artists.

I’ll be participating in the promo livestream that is scheduled for Saturday 21 November: join in to hear Tiara and I talk about writing, creativity, and how I’m probably a bit too obsessed with Wade.

Here is a link to the Facebook event so you can RSVP:

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