Award: Freefall Writing Scholarship

I am beyond excited to announce that I’ve been awarded the inaugural Freefall Writing Freedom to Write Scholarship. The Scholarship supports fledgling writers by providing access to a week-long immersive and generative writing workshop, and in early October I’ll be attending the Daylesford Writing Retreat to start a new project and learn more about Freefall Writing from Dr Barbara Turner-Vesselago.

For more info on Freefall Writing, the Scholarship and Workshop click here.

Dr Barbara Turner-Vesselago’s “Freefall Writing” has helped hundreds of writers to publish fiction, memoir, non-fiction and poetry. By means of five simple precepts, she leads the writer step by step into developing real trust in writing through the art of Freefall:

  1. Write what comes up for you.
  2. Don’t change anything.
  3. Give all the sensuous detail.
  4. Go where the energy is, or go “fearward.”
  5. Observe “The Ten-Year Rule”.

While technically, writing requires only a pen and paper, the emotional and financial barriers to committing the time and space to writing can be far more challenging. Particularly at the very early stages of a writer’s career, maintaining the self-belief that makes it possible to carve out time to write can be daunting and difficult. Finding value in writing for the sake of writing is critical for any writer to develop their craft.

Freefall Writing has afforded hundreds of aspiring writers the opportunity to engage with their writing, showing them that they can generate new work, improve the quality of their writing and maintain a writing practice. The Freedom to Write, Freefall Scholarship is intended to provide this opportunity to a new Australian voice.

The Scholarship is made possible by the generous support of Crystal Delta. With a fundamental philosophy of creating opportunities for those who might otherwise not be afforded a chance, and as an innovator in education technology, Crystal Delta is proud to sponsor the inaugural Freedom to Write, Freefall Scholarship. Crystal Delta recognise the scholarship as a unique way to nurture an emerging voice, an opportunity that does not currently exist for fledgling Writers and that is Clearly Different.



Image source: Tookapic, via Pexels (CC0)

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