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This is a very quick post to thank three people who have helped to get my website back online!

It’s probably a sign that your day-to-day responsibilities are taking over your creative pursuits when your writing website sits offline for several weeks… and you don’t even notice. Thank you to those who sent me messages asking what was wrong!

The first person I want to thank is Rihana from Noice. Noice is a Melbourne-based creative agency specialising in user-experience design, web design and development, print production, and content and editorial services. Rihana helped me troubleshoot my website, figure out what was going wrong and then quickly get it back online again (while also making sure it won’t happen again!). As well as being WordPress experts, Noice do beautiful design work too and their rates are really good. I can definitely recommend them if you are also a freelancer; visit noice.work to check them out!

The other two people I would like to thank are my friend Nurie and her partner Alex.

Nurie designed my website for me back in 2015, dealing with all my annoying tweaks and edits via e-mail for some weeks. It’s definitely testament to her patience and professionalism that we are still friends now, and that I didn’t end up as a story on clientsfromhell.net !!!

If you need some design work done, drop Nurie a line at guiltycubicles.org. She also has a great Instagram (@nurie.jpg) where you can see her amazing brand of shirts, hats, badges etc.

Also, when I launched my website Nurie and Alex were kind enough to host it on their personal server. They continued to do this for years, which is so generous! I’m finally on a paid server now, and so grateful for the years that they helped support me while I was figuring my website out. Thank you Nurie and Alex!

A quick writing update: I’m still very much writing, mainly working on short stories and sending them around the place and to a few competitions. In the last few weeks my writing group hosted their first reading event of the year, and I’ll post about that separately later on (once I’ve gotten used to using my new website dashboard) 🙂


Image source: Brigitte Tohm via Unsplash (CC0)

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