Forthcoming Pieces in Going Down Swinging & Orenda Magazine

Just a quick update to let you know of some things I’ve been working on recently, and some places I’ll be published in the coming months.

Unless you obsessively refresh the ‘Writing’ page of my website (so, unless you are me) you won’t have noticed I’ve got two pieces set for publication soon. Both are yet untitled, but will explore the intersection between cartoons and relationships: the way cartoons can connect us, helping us to create shared memories and experiences. If you can’t tell already, it draws heavily on my experience writing my book Watching Cartoons with Boys.

Before these two pieces are published, I wanted to put a bit of information here about the publications that are running them so you can have a look at all the amazing content that’s up there at the moment:Going Down Swinging is one of Australia’s longest-running and most respected literary journals: publishing digital as well as print and audio anthologies since 1979. On their website they publish opinions, profiles, poetry, stories, reviews, and treasures from the archives.

They also have a lot of digital content, from sound projects to spoken word, from past editions and new content commissioned for online publication. Click the image above to see their website for more information. 

Orenda Magazine is “a forward-thinking, go-getting, intersectional, eclectic and kick-ass” independent Australian magazine (and you can tell from this description why I was excited to pitch to them).

Its readership is young women and non-binary people “who are searching for down-to-earth, pragmatic content that reflects their diverse identities and interests.” If you click the image above you can see their website and all the great content there.

Like Going Down Swinging, Orenda Magazine is also published in hardcopy and my piece for them will be in the next issue. They are stocked at a bunch of great places across Australia, so keep your eyes peeled for back issues too.




Image source: Negative Space via pexels (CC0)

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