Imbi Neeme mentions my book in Meanjin

MY WORK IS IN MEANJIN! … kind of! In a blog post published on 18 November, 2019 Penguin Literary Prize winner and all around great person Imbi Neeme mentions my book Watching Cartoons with Boys as one of the books she read while moving house recently.

Meanjin is one of Australia’s best, and oldest, journals of literature and ideas.

An excerpt is below, or you can click here to read the entire blog post.

At a time when I am unable to stray more than 5km from my home, I realise my mind is free. It’s able to flit from book to book, from setting to setting, from life to life. The hard borders that I’d set up for my reading start to break down: I finish off Stone Sky Gold Mountain, my morning book, late at night. I wake early on a Sunday and reach for Watching Cartoons with Boys. The deadline for reading The Blind Assassin creeps closer and I feel my commitment to it stretch and then snap. I put my Kindle away in a drawer. It’s a book for another time, when I have a hard copy and can focus on the words not the percentage read. Also, I’m sleeping much better now that the garbage bags have gone.

It’s truly an honour to read that someone wanted to finish my book before Margaret Atwood’s (that’s what I’m taking away from this and no-one can tell me otherwise!)


image source: Marian Kroell via Unsplash (CC0)

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