New Interview & Forthcoming Short Story Collection

Exciting news! Following my January 27 piece published by The Conversation I was invited to speak on ABC Local Radio NSW with Dominic Knight. This was my second appearance on their Evenings program in the capacity of my interest in academic research, this time talking about the influence of J. D. Salinger’s writing on culture, film, young adult literature, and my own work as an early career writer.

The team at ABC Radio kindly uploaded my particular interview to their SoundCloud, and you can listen by clicking here.

The piece that inspired this interview was quite successful and republished online by The New Zealand Herald. For someone who dedicates her unpaid spare time labouring over a manuscript and a number of short non-fiction pieces, it is a continuing honour to be introduced and referred to as “a Melbourne writer” by the media 🙂

In other big news, I will soon be releasing a short story collection! Unlike my debut novel Rare Birds which will be represented by an agent and released through a publisher, this collection will be self-published and available only in a limited run. More details on this project to be announced soon!



Image source: photo by Lotte Jacobi (1950), via The New Yorker (CC0)

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