Long Weekend Editing

Melbourne recently had the Queens Birthday public holiday on Monday 11 June, and for once I made good use of my day off. I spent the long weekend house sitting and working on my novel Rare Birds, getting stuck into a hardcopy manuscript with a red pen (and plenty of cute bird-themed tabs):

It was really great to re-unite with a text that I’ve been working on for so many years after putting it aside momentarily to focus on other projects. And if I’m being real, it was good to see all of my characters too. They’ve grown so much since I last saw them and I’m excited to update the book to better reflect that. I’m also excited to think about how Rare Birds can be refined even further so it’s ready for a literary agent and publisher, and will be working on it more in the coming months.

In other (but still related) news, I’ve got a piece forthcoming in Writers Bloc‘s “Building Blocs” series later this month about how you can help writers succeed. It’s mainly written in response to all of the kind people who asked “How can I help?” while I was going through the self-publishing process, and shares some of the very creative ways they made the experience so rewarding. Originally the piece was intended as a blog post for my website, but after there was interest I pitched it around and it got picked up for publication. I’ll provide the link for that as soon as it’s released.


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