New Canberra stockists: Dymocks Belconnen and Dymocks Tuggeranong

source: cheerchickcharlie, via Instagram

Excited to announce that as of this week both Dymocks Belconnen and Dymocks Tuggeranong in Canberra now stock copies of my book Watching Cartoons with Boys… 🙂

As someone who was born in Belconnen and grew up there until the age of 12, this is really exciting for me. I have lots of fond memories of visiting Dymocks Belconnen as a child (when it used to be located above the escalators near the food court), especially when my grandmother would take me. She would always encourage me to choose books that were above my reading level as a challenge, and not just pick books that everyone else in my class was getting (no matter how much I whinged for another Pony Pals book).

During my time living in Canberra, I worked at Dymocks Tuggeranong for a number of years. A very dear friend got me the job there and the place was important to me for a long time.

If you’re in Canberra and would like a copy of my book, you can click here for the opening hours of Dymocks Tuggeranong or click here for the opening hours of Dymocks Belconnen.

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