Book Launch: Thursday 23 November

My self-published book Watching Cartoons with Boys will be launched on Thursday 23 November and I’m so excited to share it with you. Watching Cartoons with Boys is a collection of short stories and personal essays that catalogues different cartoons that have been important to me at different stages of my life, as well as

Short Story Collection

Those of you who may have seen my social media or kindly asked how my novel is going will know it’s taken a backseat while I finish a short story collection. Titled Watching Cartoons with Boys, the collection is almost done and I’ve got big things planned. What big things, you ask? Well, I’ll be

Update: Rare Birds

Last night I finished the second rewrite of my debut novel Rare Birds, which is being edited by Zoya Patel in preparation to send to a literary agent. I’ve been calling this the “second” rewrite because getting the manuscript up to a standard that I was happy enough with to show an editor last year