Ramona Magazine review Watching Cartoons with Boys

Typography by: Erandhi Mendis. Art by: Sophie Pellegrini.

Ramona Magazine is an empowering, inspiring, global community of feminist creatives in the form of an online mag for teens. Today, I’m thrilled that they’ve published a review of my book (penned by the excellent Alex Creece). An excerpt from this review is below:

“I scrawled a word in my notebook as I barely finished the first page of Watching Cartoons with Boys. The word was ‘poignant’, and it kept coming back to me throughout my reading.

There is something uniquely satisfying about reading the work of local authors, particularly in creative nonfiction. There are delicious little nuggets of commonality in our Australian childhoods and a shared affinity for cartoons, and the experience of reading new literature by a young, female Australian author felt like I was connecting with a peer.

Watching Cartoons with Boys reminds me of adolescence – the relief in what I have left behind, the pride in what I have overcome, and the nostalgia of that which has stuck with me along the way. It is—in a word—poignant.”

You can find the rest of the review here.

Thank you so much to both Ramona Magazine (click here to read more about them and check out their online content) and to Alex (who is herself an amazing writer – click here to read her work) for this review.

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