New Article Published by Lonely Planet

Still pinching myself! This morning I heard from an editor at Lonely Planet who let me know that an article I had successfully pitched and then submitted to them is now published online. During my trip to New York this year I visited, researched and wrote about all of the places in Manhattan related to

Freelance Writing Spreadsheet

After a very busy period in my day job (involving not one but two overseas trips!) I’ve recently returned to the world of freelance writing in my spare time. And, as this is one of the first times I’ve had multiple writing projects on the go at once, I’ve just created my own tracking spreadsheet.

My First Reading

For over a year now (maybe two?) I’ve been going to a weekly writing group. Each Tuesday we meet at a pub, catch up on what’s happened in the past week, then sit in silence for an hour and just write. Some of us use laptops, some use tablets, and occasionally one of us is

Danke Schoen

This is a very quick post to thank three people who have helped to get my website back online! It’s probably a sign that your day-to-day responsibilities are taking over your creative pursuits when your writing website sits offline for several weeks… and you don’t even notice. Thank you to those who sent me messages

Award: Freefall Writing Scholarship

I am beyond excited to announce that I’ve been awarded the inaugural Freefall Writing Freedom to Write Scholarship. The Scholarship supports fledgling writers by providing access to a week-long immersive and generative writing workshop, and in early October I’ll be attending the Daylesford Writing Retreat to start a new project and learn more about Freefall

New Article Published by Writers Bloc

I’ve got a new piece published online by Writers Bloc this week, part of their ‘Building Blocs’ series that gives advice and info to emerging writers. The piece is called “How To Support Your Writer Friend” (alternate title: “So Your Friend Has Decided to Ruin Their Life” ?) and is basically about all the awesome