Watching Cartoons with Boys

Photo by Carl Higgs
Photo by Carl Higgs

Watching Cartoons with Boys (published in 2017) is a collection of short stories and personal essays cataloguing different cartoons that have been important to the author at different stages of her life, as well as some of the relationships that have developed in parallel. Incredibly candid and entertaining, Watching Cartoons with Boys is a reflection on the many ways cartoons shape our lives.


Watching Cartoons with Boys reminds me of adolescence – the relief in what I have left behind, the pride in what I have overcome, and the nostalgia of that which has stuck with me along the way. It is—in a word—poignant.”

– Alex Creece for Ramona Magazine (full review here)

“If you’re looking for a fun, easy read with a healthy dose of nostalgia and plenty of adoration for Adventure Time’s Lumpy Space Princess, then this is the book for you.

Nostalgic, clever and funny, Watching Cartoons with Boys is a reminder of all the ways that cartoons intersect with and reflect our own lives. Michelle’s shrewd contemplation of the roles cartoons have played in her relationships over the years, is both insightful and amusing.”

– Jessica Gately for Underground Writers (full review here)

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You can buy a copy online here. Books are printed on demand by and shipped directly to you. They are a US company but have an Australian warehouse based in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

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Following its release in November 2017, Watching Cartoons with Boys was available on the shelf of selected bookstores around Australia. I will forever be grateful to those stores for stocking my book and supporting a local author 🙂

As of 2021, I have decided to sell my book exclusively online. So if you are interested in buying a copy, currently the only way is via