New Article Published by The Conversation

2016 is looking to be a very big year! My debut novel Rare Birds is only three chapters away from being ready to send to an editor, I was invited to apply for the Master of Arts (Research) program at the University of Melbourne (commencing part-time study there next month), and The Conversation have this morning published a second piece I’ve written for them on J. D. Salinger. You can read it here.

Something I’m hoping to pursue this year, in addition to having Rare Birds published, is short fiction. To date I’ve only really played with the idea of short stories or prose (considering myself “a marathon runner, not a sprinter” …) so I’ve recently begun writing my first short story. The working title is “Fledgling” and I’ll be looking to have this published later this year once finished.

That’s it from me. As always, the best way to stay updated with my writing is the Emma Michelle Facebook page.


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